Sunday, December 21, 2014

About 2 month ago WordPress 4.0 was released with lots of features and improvement. Post editor enhanced, embed page view and lot more. Now there is WordPress 4.1 is available with lots of features and changes. WordPress 4.1, should have a few more visible changes as well as a new default theme – Twenty Fifteen – that will be released alongside WordPress 4.1.

According to WordPress 

There is change in old theme called Twenty Fifteen.
Our beautiful new default theme, Twenty Fifteen. It’s a clean, mobile-first, blog-focused theme designed through simplicity.
WordPress 4.1

In WordPress 4.1 a new distraction-free writing mode for the editor. Presently it is available for the beta version of the WordPress 4.1 This will help you to focus on writing.  You will notice that the meta boxes  and WordPress administrator bar will slide out of view and will remain hidden as long as you are writing. As soon as you move the cursor away from it, the administrator bar and meta boxes will slide back.
  • The ability to automatically install new language packs right from the General Settings screen (available as long as your site’s filesystem is writable).
  • A new inline formatting toolbar for images embedded into posts.
WordPress 4.1 has lots of more featured enabled for Developers like there is improvement to meta, date, comment, and taxonomy queries, including complex (nested and multiple) queries. There is new and better way to handle theme and title tags. And Finally there are lots of more changes in Customizer API is aiming to build a complete JavaScript API for customizer. There are lots of improvements for contextual panels, controls and sections.

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