Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1. Ctrl+U, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I

  • CTRL+U used for Underline the text, 
  • CTRL+B used for Bold the text. 
  • CTRL+I used for Italic the text. 
Image for UBI

2. F3 or Windows+F

  • F3 or Windows+F both are used to open search window on Windows XP / Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8.
Search Window on Windows 8

3. Windows Key+M

  • It allows you to minimize all of your open windows

4. Windows Key+E

  • This shortcut allows you to open Windows Explorer

5. Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y

  • Undo an action by hitting Ctrl+Z; if you change your mind, Ctrl+Y will redo the undo.

 6. Shift+Delete

  • This will help you to permanently delete the files and documents.

7. Ctrl+Drag

  • Fastest way to copy the files and folders.
Copy Fast

8. Alt+Tab

  • This allows you to easily scroll through all the windows you have open.
windows you have open

9. Alt+F4

  • Quick way to close a window in any program. 

10. F2

  • This will help you while renaming the files and folders. 

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