Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple reviewed up the iPad brand Thursday with a new iPad Air 2 that is just 6.1 mm thick. "It is the thinnest iPad we have ever made," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing.  The new iPad Air 2 is so thin that tow stacked on top of one and other are still thinner than the original iPad, said Phil Schiller.

Thin and Light

We just imagine of having a device that is immensely powerful, slim and light. And you get it rarely. With amazing capabilities, iPad nails it. iPad Air2 is superbly carved and designed with the subtraction in the thickness and weight. The iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner than that of the previous versions of iPad Air. It is 6.1 mm thin. And you wouldn't imagine the actual weight of the iPad is just 0.96 pounds.
iPad Air 2 Features

Slim & thin iPad Air 2 

IPad Air 2 Not just a thinner display. A better display. They worked on the redesigning the Retina display to create the thinner iPad Air 2. It didn't make the thinner display but made it even better with more vibrant colors and greater contrast. iPad Air 2 has the least reflective display of any other tablet in the world because of the additional anti reflective coating . The screen resolution is 2048×1536 with 9.7 inch display. It contains 3.1 Million pixels and 264 pixels per inch.

iPad Air 2 Features
Crystal Clear Display 

Massive Power

Don’t get misunderstood that this isn't powerful. This is a more powerful apart from its thickness and weight. A new chip is being used A8X which delivers the best of its best graphic and CPU performance than its previous ones. Yes iPad Air 2 has 2.5x faster graphics than its predecessors. In fact, this is a 64-bit built architecture that can easily defeat as many PC’s. The capability of 10-hour durable battery helps you in your work and play all day long.
iPad Air 2 Features
High graphics definition 

Security Based Design - Fingerprint

iPad Air 2 comes with Touch ID technology. It gives you a high level of security that uses the password of your fingertips. So just one touch iPad Air 2 is all yours. Another item related with the security is that you can make the secure purchases in iTunes, App Store and also iBooks.With Apple Pay, you will be able to unlock the entire world of online shopping which is fast and secure.
iPad Air 2 Features
Security Based iPad Air 2 

Two Amazing Cameras.

New iSight camera is the best iPad camera that is ever produced by Apple Inc. with advanced optics, a powerful Apple-designed image signal processor and an improved sensor. The front camera i.e. FaceTime HD camera is being redesigned with improved sensor and larger pixels. Some of the new features are being included like slo-mo, panorama and time-lapse if you want to take the funny and fine selfies, this will help.
iPad Air 2 Features
Advanced Cameras

Even the Covers are More Brilliant - Smart Cases

Smart, protected and brand new Smart Cover for every pixel of iPad Air 2 are available for iPad Air 2. You have got 7 different bright new colors Smart Cover which is made from polyurethane. This will protect your iPad Air 2 from damage.
iPad Air 2 Features
Protected Smart Covers 

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