Saturday, August 16, 2014

If you want to edit your blog template then you need to make a backup of your template, or if you want to upload new blogger template to your blog then also you need to make a backup of your template. If there any problem occur while editing new template and uploading, you can upload your previous template.

    Upload blogger third party template 

    Changing template is also very simple, follow the below steps and you'll understand very easily.
    • Sing in your blog.
    • Go for template section. 
    • Now go for Backup and Restore.
    upload template
    • You will get the  Choose File button to upload a new template. 
    • Now choose a template from your computer. If you don't have backup template click here. 
    • After choosing  template click on Upload Button, Wait for a second it will take little bit time to upload. [Finally, you will get your new template will be upgraded].

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