Friday, August 15, 2014

Most of the time you are spending on searching for valid site to download songs / music from the Internet. It is very difficult to find the valid site for downloading the songs, It becomes extremely difficult to figure out the given source is valid of not valid, and where the valid source is exist. It is really time consuming task also. 

Somewhere you will get the right source to download songs, and that will be great time when you find the right source to download. 

Let's take an example, 
While searching on Google "Keywords" of the song we press and search,  Google displays  various type of sites  and brainstorming is required to get the appropriate source for download.
Mar Jayian Song Vicky Donor
Mar Jayian Song Vicky Donor
Here i am searching Mar Jayian song from Vicky Donor, when i press the keyword and search on Google, It is showing various sites but still i am not getting any proper site to download that song.

Download The Songs Quickly

Simply type follow below way to download the songs / music from internet. 
Key Phrase, 
Parent + Directory + filetype1 + or + filetype2 + #songname or artist#
The Plus (+) sign is used to concatenate all parent file, directory, file type1 or file type 2 with songs name or artist name.

Parent + ; Parent is the node where the songs are exist on web-server.

Directory + ; Directory is the main folder where where the songs are collectively stored.

File type 1 + or File type 2 +; File type is the file format or extension name of the music file, what you want to download eg, mp3 or wma. You have to include two file type.

#Songname or Artist#; the (#) hash sing is most important don't forget to include # sign with songname or artist name.

How to Place Phrase on Google Search Engine

parent + directory + mp3 + or + wma+ #atif aslam#
Download Songs from Internet - Google
Download Songs from Internet - Google 
Make sure that at the title is preceding Index of / are the valid source to download.

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