Saturday, July 26, 2014

Meta Robot Tags

How do you explain a spider of a search engine you only want him to index just the first page of your website or he is allowed to index the whole website. You use the so called ROBOTS tag.

Meta Robot Tags

The robots meta tag is not the same as the file called robots.txt You should use these two together. Both are used by the seach engines like Yahoo and Google. If you use this meta tag the wrong way you might shut the search engines out. So the influence of this meta tag is significant.
Meta tags are specific web-URL or meta-tags which tell Web-Spiders or Google-Bots whether they should index a page or not.

Types of Meta Robot Tags?


  • This meta tag tells the web-spiders to index the whole of page and it's content including image and media files too.


  • Noindex meta tags prevents any page or site from getting indexed by the robots


  • Nofollow means any link from the site will not be displayed in search results.


  • This value of meta tag is just opposite of what all meta tag value is. In simple terms you must understand that robots will neither index nor follow the pages set with None meta tag value.


  • Noarchive means cached copy of your site will not be shown by search engine.


  • It is same as noarchive but it is used with MSN/Live


  • Search results from DMOZ directory will not be shown as a search results by the search engines.


  • It blocks all the images in your page and prevents them from getting indexed.


  • Search engine doesn't show snippets for this page in search results and prevent the page from being cached.


  • Blocks the robots from yahoo to prevent it from using the description of your page in it's yahoo!directory

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