Sunday, May 11, 2014

While writing any kinds of notes or anything on Microsoft Word (Winword). If you have to copy some text from an internet.  Let's take an example of Wikipedia:

There in Wikipedia content you'll find lots of Hyperlinks, If you are trying to remove them one by one it takes lots of time.  [See: Below Figure]

OMG there are 7 hyperlinks. If you are trying to delete those hyperlinks one by one, may be it will take more than 7 minutes of your's. If you don't know how to remove hyperlinks than may be it will take more than 7 hours, may be a day, may be a month

hyperlinks example

Here I'll give you the shortcut method to delete all the hyperlinks at a time. Follow the steps,

  1. Select all the text. 
  2. Now press CTRL+SHIFT+F9. 
  3. That is it, You are done congratulation. 

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