Thursday, May 8, 2014

Escaping is links from Facebook status is very simple and very easy. I think most of you have done this also, if you don't know about how to escape links from Facebook status than you'll find something helpful here.
Actually escaping means 'removing'. While posting or sharing any link on your Facebook, as a status you will get your link and link description. See in the below figure there you will find the link and link description. 

Escape links

After pasting your link on status box or after writing link or URL on Facebook status box after few seconds you'll get the URL description, as you can see on the above figure clearly. To decorate or to make well managed status you can delete the URL after few seconds. Don't worry, while deleting the URL below description remain as same. After deleting the URL you can writing other text on that status box like as shown in below figure.. 

Escape links from facebook status.

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