Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guest UserBy enabling guest user in widows you are providing limited access to your user or family members, friends and etc. A guest account is an account for user who don't have a permanent account on your computer. It all people to user computer without having complete access to your personal files and other documents.Guest user's can't delete your files and many other thing, they have limited access. Using guest user peoples can't install software, hardware, they can't change your computer, they don't have access to create new user password too. 

How to Enable Guest User:

  • Press Windows+R=Run.
  • Type Control. [ Control Panel ]
Run - Control
  • Go for User Accounts.
User Account

  • Click on Manage Another Account.
Manage Another Account
  • Now click on Guest Account.
Guest User
You have to click on [2] Guest user to turn on.
  • After clicking on Guest User you will get message on your screen Do you want to turn on Guest Account. Click on Turn On Button.

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