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Before doing anything on blog make sure that your blog setting in proper order. Here inside the posts and comments tab you will find such simple things but those things are very important to make your blog better


It consist of three options show at most, post template, and showcase images with lightbox.

Show at most:

Here in the posts section you have to select how many posts you want to show on main page of your blog.
  • That's your choice how many posts you want to appear on your main page. 
  • You can choose posts as days wise. Means- If Days is selected, a limit of up to 500 posts will be enforced.

Post Template:

In this section you can use text of code which you want to appear on your each new posts. While creating new posts it will show you the text or code which you have written in the section of post template.
Post templates pre-format the post editor with text or code that will appear each time you create a new post.
First of all make sure that it will help you to reduce your time in pre-defining or pre-formatting headers, such tags, links which you want to show on each and every post. Follow the steps...
  • Create new posts.
  • Make well formatted post, arrange header, h1 tags, links which you want to appear on every post of your blog.
  • Click on HTML button.
  • Now copy all the codes which it shows.
Now go for setting and post template section, you will find blank area paste the copied code and save it.

Showcase images with Lightbox:

If you have only one image it will show you the top of your blog. If you have multiple images then it will show you the thumbnail view of images. [Choose Yes].
When clicked, your images will open in an overlay on top of your blog. If your post has multiple images, they will appear as thumbnails along the bottom.


It's enables you to get feedbacks, views, compliments and queries from your readers. Comment section is the most important part of your blog.
Without having readers responds it seems like lonely place of the hell.- It would be funeral, Peoples are crying but............................................at....the....end...nothing..............................

Comment Location:

This you have to decide, how you want to show the comment section in your blog. It would be batter if you choose embedded option for your blog.

Don't Hide Your Comment Section - To Make Blog Better You Have To Use It.
Embedded will allow users to reply from the post, Full page and Popup window will take them to a new page. Selecting Hide does not delete existing comments. You can show them at any time by selecting another option.

Who can comment?

This is the question for you who can comment on your blog decide it. There are four options you have to choose from the list.
  1. Anyone include anonymous users.
  2. Registered User include Open Id.
  3. User with google account.
  4. Only member of this blog.

Comment Moderation:

This option help you to review the comment before they published on your blog. This is also most important part of it. If somebody spamming with comments you will immediately delete those comments. There are three options.
  1. Always
  2. Sometime
  3. Never
Choose from the list:  
  • If you want to always moderate comments then select always. 
  • If you want to sometime moderate comments than select sometime.
  • If you want to never moderate comments then select neve option.

Show word verification:

This is the main protector of spammy comments, This will require verification before leaving comments on
your blog. It is the complete word verification method. It will help you to reduce comment spam. 
Choose 'Yes'
Blog authors will not see comment verification.

Show Backlinks:

Backlinks are known as incoming link one webpage from another webpage. Backlinks enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts.

Selecting Hide does not delete existing backlinks. You can show them at any time by re-selecting Show.

Comment Form Message:

Here you can show message to the readers above the comment section. You can set your commenting 

policy on this section. Rules of commenting on your site. Or you can show any kinds of message for readers on it.
It will look like below figure above comment section of your blog.

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