Monday, April 14, 2014

Insides the basic setting there you can get some of the basic things which are very important for your blog, to introduce with your readers and to make it visible to on search engines. Inside basic setting it includes title of the blog, description of the blog and some of the other important elements. To grab this all information see below and read clearly.

  • At first go to basic setting of your blog.

  • After that you will get new window next to it.

Now for Basic Level:

Inside basic level you will get three options.  Blog Title, Blog Description, Blog Privacy.


Blog Title:

Blog title is the most important to introduce with others and readers. 
e.g. If you are searching for any books without it's title or book name than it is very hard to find. Same way it without it's title it is also hard to find and recognized.


Blog description gives the information about the blog content. It is the best way to give information to readers and visitors about your blog. As you can see on below figure... C Programming is the title of the blog and below title it show it's description.



Privacy will help you to index your blog on search engine and make visible your blog in google search engine. see below figures and read.

Privacy to add your blog to our listings help you to show your blog in listing in blogger. Must read above information.


 Privacy Let search engines find your blog will help you to index your blog in search engine and make visible to users and readers. Must read above information.

Now for Publishing Level:

Inside the publishing level your will get your blog address and change from there. [See below figure]
By clicking on edit button you can able to change your blog domain. If you have purchased domain than you can host by clicking on add a custom domain. 

Now for Permission Level:

Here you can control your blog, you can add more admins and authors to your blogs. You can make your blog visible for private readers, only blog members and authors.


Blog Readers:

To whom you want to make your blog visible. There are three options- By default one for public, Second is for private for blog authors only and last one is for specified readers.

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