Friday, April 11, 2014

Computer needs application software or programs to do any task like Microsoft Office package which is used to do the text editorial tasks and many other.

You need to install the application program to do the any task. If you how to install the application programs on your PC (Personal Computer) than you must have to know how to un-install the application programs from your computer.

This is the most important thing for every computer user. If you feel any application program is not necessary on your computer than you can remove that easily.

How to Un-Install?  

  • Press Windows+R= Run. 
Run Command
  • Type "control" key word without quotes.
  • Hit Enter or Ok.
  • Now find Programs and Features./ for XP-Add/Remove Option.
Programs and Features
  • Now click on the program or software which you want to delete.
  • Check above you will get activated Uninstall button. or Right click on the program which you want to delete.
Un-install program
  • Now Click on Un-install.
  • After clicking on it will automatically start the further process but sometime there you have to do Next  and Finish.

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