Monday, April 14, 2014

This is the awesome information for those who have already reached 5000 friends on their list. After that you can't add more friends on your personal facebook account. There is one of the most beautiful way to manage your facebook personal account as facebook personal page. By converting your personal facebook account into facebook page.


  • You will get new look of your facebook profile as a page. 
  • You will get friends as fans.
  • You will get likes on your page. 
  • You will get your connected friend as a fans[ as their likes].


  • You will loose your friends.
  • You will loose your friend's messages.
  • You can't chat with your friends.
  • You will loose your likes from your photos and profile pictures.
  • You will loose groups. You have to appoint new admins.
  • You will loose your facebook pages which you are holding while you are using facebook profile. You have to appoint new admins to your pages and many more things.
If you want to know about it more click here on the link- Facebook Help.

There are many disadvantages of converting your facebook profile into facebook page. But there are some good points and advantages of it.

 Before converting your facebook profile into facebook page you have to download your facebook info. from here- Download Info.

How to convert facebook profile into facebook page:

Now such information i want to give you before turning to the points- If you have 1000 friends. While converting it into facebook those all friends are converted into likes. Here you can see the example of it.
Before converting i have added 37 friends on my personal account. While converting it into page i have got all of my friends as likes. That's the main point behind it.

If think all of you are excited to convert your facebook personal account into facebook page. Now it's time for the points how to convert it.

Now it's time to choose the category of your page. Choose category and click on Get Started.
  • After clicking on Get Started button you will get warning from facebook- like as shown in below figure.
As i have already mentioned above if you want to keep your facebook data safe you can download your facebook profile data from facebook. [Click on Download my profile data on facebook.]
  • Now type your facebook Password and click on Confirm button.
  • Now you have to Set Up your personal Page information and that's it. You are done with it.

If you want to get back your facebook page into facebook profile- it is the violation of facebook terms and conditions.

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