Sunday, April 13, 2014

Creating post for your blog is very easier thing, if you have just started your blog than you need post for readers, without any content or posts, your blog look like blank paper without any text and lines. So you have to create lots of good and informative posts for your blog. 

To create your first post on blogger. Follow below steps.

  • Go to your blog.
  • Now you will get New Post button at left side.

  • After clicking on New Post button immediately you will get new window [Shown Below].

1. Post Title: 

Post title is the most important part of blogger posts and any other kind of things. 
eg. If i don't have my name Satya than how could you recognized me. Same way to recognize your content you need to give post title. 
Without post title you and your readers can't recognize your post and what kind of post it's. It should content less than 65 character on post title.

2. Content:

Content is the second most important part, you have to write content similar to your post title. Explain your post title on content. Content gives the information and knowledge. 

A. Category:

Category makes revolution. We can see that peoples are categorized in different pattern [difference type], like hindu, muslim, christian and more others. Same as you have to define category your blog post. It will clarify that what kind of post is that example News, Tips, Notes, Quotes etc. as you can see on below figure. 

B: Search Description:

Search description is also most important part of your blogger post. It will take description of your blogger what about your post. You have to give little bit information about your blog on search description. It should content 145 characters only not more than that.

3. Save: 

All you are familiar with this term 'Save'. It will help you to save your post for long time. 

4. Preview:

Preview provides you to take a look of blog post how it look like. Before publishing your post once take a look of your blog post how is it look like, check it out it is well managed or not.

5. Publish:

Publish button helps you to publish your informative post on your blog and it makes your post visible to your readers and whole world.

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