Saturday, March 8, 2014

Feedback from Blog to Google.

If you have any queries and complements about while using blogger or and any of other google products, than you can submit your feedback to google. 
  • First Sing in your blog. 
  • Now click on blogger option. [At the right side of your blogger dashboard.]
  • Now click on send feedback button. [Wait for seconds and it will show you feedback box.]
  • Now type your feedback or suggestion on blank text area abut goolge products. and Click on Next. 
  • After than how will you make better to understand your feedback- you can choose options- Highlight- Backout. Now Click on Next.
  • After than you can get below window and you will see your description and additional information with your blog screenshot. If you want to submit your feedback than you can click on Submit button. 

Second Method to Send Feedback to Google.


  • Click on Send Feedback button, and wait for seconds and it will show you the Google Feedback dialog box and type the feedback and after that all above steps.

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