Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ansmachine-TumblerTumblr is the one of the most popular stylized micro-blogging platform and social networking site. The tumblr enables many kinds of services you can post post multimedia things, videos, audios, text and many more, and it will enables you to follow the tumblr blogs, you can do  chat also, it is also a social networking site so you can send messages also by using tumblr.

[Note: If you are sharing your blogger(blogspot) posts on your tumblr blogs than it will share you blogger post also in facebook.]- Its amazing for blogger users.

Share Tumblr Post Automatically in Facebook:

  • Sign in tumblr blog. 
  • Now go to setting.
  • Now scroll down and find Facebook, Click on Share on Facebook. 
  • Now it will show you new window and sign in with Facebook.
  • Now your facebook account is linked with Tumblr Blog, Now click on share posts on your Facebook timeline button It will enable you to share your posts.
  • If you posted anything on your tumblr blog, it will automatically posts on your Facebook timeline also or pages too. [for more see below]
If you wanted to share your Tumblr Posts on specific Facebook page than also you can choose,, see below figure.
If you don't want to share your posts from tumblr to facebook you can click on log out button and you are done.

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