Saturday, March 22, 2014

google-indexAfter submitting the  sitemap to Google- [submit sitemap to google] search engine, it will index your blogger post on search engine, means that you will be getting your blog posts in Google search engine. It will enables users to get your posts on google search, main reason behind submitting sitemaps to Google is makes readers to easier access and to drive more traffic. I am going to tell you one of the easiest trick to check how many of your blogger posts are indexed by Google, means how many of your blogger posts are visible in Google search engine. Previously i have posted trick about Tumblr blog, to check how many of Tumblr blog posts are indexed by Google. If you are Tumblr blog user than you must have to know about this trick also. Check how many tumblr blog posts are indexed by google.

Check How Many Blogger Posts are Indexed in Google.

  1. Go for Google Search.
  2. Now type [eg.] and hit enter, it will show you the lists of your blogs posts which are indexed in google search engine.

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