Saturday, March 22, 2014

I think most of the bloggers users are frustrated with their default commenting system, i think readers will rarely leave comment by using default commenting system, if they find new interface and they will definitely use and sure they will the leave comment.
Disqus is the one of the most popular and unique blog comment hosting service for blogs, websites, It provides many features to users such as, social sharing platform, and anti spam and moderation tools for blog and websites.

How to Add Disqus to Your Blog.


  • Scroll down and Click on Add to Your Site.
  • Fill-Up the form for Site Profile.
    • Your Site Name: [eg. Computer Master] [Your Site Name:]
    • Unique Disqus URL. [eg.][Your Unique URL]
    • Category. [What kind of blog serving for people.] [eg. Tech, Business and etc]
  • Now choose the platform- where you want to use disqus [where you want to install the new platform]
    • Choose Blogger [ If you wanted to install on blogger].
  • Now click on Add To My Blogger Site.
  • Now it will show you new page and click Add Widget. 
  • After that return to Set of Instruction Page and Scroll Down and Click on Verify.
  • Finally. Check below the any of your blog post. It will show you the new platform.
    ---> Congratulation You are done.  
Note: You can import your existing blogger comments into disqus. Go for Tools to Import.

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