Monday, February 3, 2014

1. Move application without using mouse in windows 8.1.

Here is the simple trick to move application in windows 8.1 without using mouse. 
Follow the steps.
  1. Click on windows button, or get start menu slide by pressing windows button from keyboard.
  2. Now select the application which you want to move one place to another place.
  3. Now press Shift+Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow, which direction you want to move the application. You are done.

2. Give the group name of application in windows 8.1

Group is simply known as category of the application, It make you easy to understand, from which group the application belong. 
To use this trick follow below steps.
  1. Click on windows button, or get start menu slide by pressing windows button from keyboard.
  2. Now simply right click on that start menu slide,
  3. There it will show you the Name Group,- at the top.
  4. Now click on Name Group- and type the group name.You are done. 

3. To see the network details follow these steps.

  1. Start Menu
  2. Run
  3. Type ncpa.cpl and hit enter you will get all the details about network connection, like as Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth and etc. You are done.  

4.To Check Ip address and MAC Address Network

If you are searching trick for get ip address and mac address of your computer, follow the below steps. 
  1. Start Menu. 
  2. Run. 
  3. Type cmd.
  4. Enter or ok. 
  5. now type ipconfig/all.
  6. You will get details and if you are searching for wlan there is the adapter wlan information or if you are lan than there is the information about lan. 
  7. check for Physical Address and Ip address of lan or wlan. You are done. 
    you physical address is known as MAC address and ip(logical) address is IP address.

5. To Check the Net-status.

Net-status gives you the information about network established or not  and what is the condition of your network it is connect or not, and it gives the information about,  how many connections are active.
  1. Start Menu. 
  2. Run. 
  3. Type cmd. 
  4. Enter or ok. 
  5. Now type netstat. 
  6. Enter. 
  7. It will show you the information about network, it is connected or not, established or not. Your are done.

6. To check the Hidden Files Using MS-DOS. 

This  is this trick to check the hidden files on your computer, it only show you the hidden files on your dos prompt. Permanently it will not show you all the hidden files. To check follow the below steps. 
  1. Start menu. 
  2. Run. 
  3. Type cmd. 
  4. Enter or ok. 
  5. Now type dir/ah // dir/ah- directory all hidden files. You are done.

7. To See the System Information 

This is the simple trick to see the system information, to use this follow below steps. 
1.     Go to start menu. 
2.     Now go for Run. 
3.     Type "systeminfo" without any quotes. You are done.

8. To See the Full Details of System. 

This gives you the information about your computer system, which windows you are using, what is your processor speed, hard-disk size, RAM size, and many more, to know this trick follow given steps. 
1.     Right click on you my computer 
2.     Click on Properties. 
3.     Now you will get the system window and see that, you are done. 
1.     Click on My Computer. 
2.     Press Alt+Enter---> You will get the system info. You are done. 

9. Create Un-Named Folder.

1.     Now right click on desktop or any where you want to create un-named folder. 
2.     Click on New option. 
3.     Go for Folder.
4.     Now Press Alt+0160, You are done.

10. Trick to Grow Net Speed.

FOR LAN (Connection), WLAN (Connection) & Dial up (C):

1.     Click on Start Menu. (Windows Key + R= Run) 
2.     Point To The Connect To Option. 
3.     Show All Connection 
4.     4. Right Click on Your Default Net Connection Same as below wifi Steps.

Wireless/Local Area Network or Connection

1.     Click on Properties. 
2.     Now, Scroll and Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). 
3.     Click on Properties.(When you click on Properties You are in General Tab) 
4.     Tick There Use The Following DNS Server Addresses.
Preferred Server:
Alternate DNS Sever: 
5.     Click on Ok & Close
<Once Restart Your Computer>
Visit This Site and Test Your Net Speed:

11. Trick to Win The FreeCell Game Without Playing: 

This is very easy trick to win the FreeCell game without play. If you want to know how to win the FreeCell game without play than you have to follow these steps. 

1St Step: 

1.     Windows Key + R=Run 
2.     Type “FreeCell” without quotes. 
3.     Press Enter or Click on Ok.

2nd Step: 

1.     Now ,Click on “Game” menu. or Directly you can press F2 button. 
2.     Press CTRL+SHIFT+F10 Button. 
3.     Now click on Abort 
4.     After click on Abort than you have to move 1 card. 
5.     Click on Ok 
6.     Than After Game Over. 

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