Saturday, February 22, 2014

0. Share Your Facebook Post Automatically on Twitter.

This will help you to connect the facebook link between twitter. While you are posting anything on facebook your facebook post also automatically posted on twitter. (if you privacy setting public than only other wise you can't share you post on twitter). 

  • Click on Authorized App. (wait for few seconds.)
  • Now Your facebook account is linked with twitter.
Same way you can link your facebook page with twitter, if you have created any facebook pages than below that window you will get your facebook pages also, same way follow the above process. 

1. Get Notification From Facebook Friends.

If you are not getting notification from all of your friends in facebook, you wanted to get notification from your best friends and other friends. To get this follow the below steps.
  • Go for Friend List.
friend list
  • Now you will get the list of your friends, Here in this below figure i am getting notification from all friends except Rajat Awasthi. Now i wanted to get notification from him also. 
friend list
  • To get notification Point to Friends button, and click on Get Notification Option.

2. Get Notification From Pages.

You are simply liking many of pages, but you are not getting notification from your fev. page, sometimes it will give you the news feed but some time it will not provide you the news feed.
so if you want to get notification from facebook pages follow the below steps.

  • Go to the page, from which page you wanted to get notification.
    example: this is my best page ever, so i wanted to get every notification from this page.
  • Now point on Liked button. 
  • Click on get notification. You are done. You will get the all notification from pages.

3. How to Block Unwanted Friends.

If any of your friend annoying or doing something wrong with you, if you want to get relief from him/her you can block him or her.
  • Click here to block. Block Facebook Unwanted Friends.
  • Now type the name or email address which you want to block, and click on block button, finally you are done.

4. Facebook Secure Browsing.

If you are IT(information technology student) you will known about this topic, (facebook secure browsing), if you are not IT student than read carefully, Enabling of secure browsing is known as you will get the protocol (https) while using facebook. If you are not enabling secure browsing you will get (http) protocol only, It is less secure than (https) protocol. By enabling https protocol you will secure yourself while using facebook, It will make harder to get access with your information without your permission. This is very beneficial for facebook users must enable. Steps are given below.
  • Go to your security setting.
  • Click on secure browsing option. 
  • Click on check box and Save it, you are done and you are secure with your information.

5. Login Notification. 

Login notification will also help you to secure yourself while using facebook, it will alert you if anybody wanted to unauthorized access (means- without your permission). There are two ways to get login notification, by using e-mail and text or push,---) using mail you will get the notification on your mail address---) and using text or push you will get the notification on your mobile you have to enable it by choosing your mobile service provides. 
  • Click on security setting. 
  • click on login notification. 
  • now choose the way to get notification and save the setting and you are done. you are secure with your information and login alert. 

6. Login Approval. 

Login approval also help you to secure yourself on facebook, to get login approval code, you have to provide your phone number and they will verify your service provider and your phone number and they will give the security code everytime while you are trying to login your facebook account.
  • Click on security setting. 
  • click on login approval. 
  • now click on check box and follow the steps and provide your number and verify it. Finally you are getting security code while login your account.(every-time)

7. How to drag your information.

If you notice this tips, these days facebook enables you to drag your information one place to another place see the below figures.. 
drag informaton
 drag informaton
Here you can able to see the change on both pictures 

8. Check your facebook id as other person.

It will help you to check your facebook profile as another person, You can use this trick to analyze your facebook profile as other person, You can check yourself , what information visible to other facebook users about you.
  • Click on your profile. 
view as
  • Click on View As.. . (Now you will get the public look of your facebook profile)
  • If you want to check you as specific person, click on view as specific person and type the friend name and you will get the different look of your facebook profile, (you are checking yourself as your friend)
view as jonaam

10. # Hash Tag on Facebook.

#Hash tags are clickable links on facebook, which helps you to get related posts on faecbooks. In what post they are interested it will help them or you to find the related post about the topic.
hash tag.
If you click on above hash tag than you will get the related information about #motivateyourself, that may be posted by other's or anybody on facebook.

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