Saturday, February 15, 2014

Related Post Widget for Blog Users:

You are always thinking about how to make easy access to readers with the old post or related post of your blog, It will help you to grow your blog traffic and engage your blog visitors. 
I think all of you know how much it is important of the blog users. 
The related post are appears below the your post, as we can say at the footer side of your blog post. The widget will help you to increase the page views and it will keep your readers or visitor engages. Here is the best way to show the related post on your blogs, using LinkWithin, it will help you to add related post on your blogs, You can show 5 or less than that related post by using LinkWithin on your blog. The LinkWithin show related post like below figures, there are two condition see below.
1. It will show the related post with images if you have posted images on your contents like you can see below figure.
related post widget for blogger
2. It will show the related post simply if you dont have any images on your contents like you can see below figure.

How to Add LinkWithin Widget to Blogger:

  1. Go to LinkWithin.
  2. Now you will get below form.
     Linkwithin related post widget
  3. Fill up the form,
    Platform: Where you want to put the linkWithin widget you have to choose it from platform,now choose and go for next,
    Width: How many related post you want to show on your blog that you have to decide inside width. You can choose 3, 4, 5.
  4. Now click on get widget!.
  5. It will show you the new window and Click on INSTALL WIDGET link.
  6. Click on Add Widget, Save it and You are done.

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