Monday, February 10, 2014

Get Awesome Google Calculator Using Google Search:

Sometime if you are not finding calculator for doing the huge kind of calculation or any normal calculation, here is the way to get calculator to solve your problem using Google Search. follow the below steps.
  1. Open your browser.
  2. Hit
  3. Now it will show you Google Search.
    Now what calculation you want to do, for example, i want to calculate 1024*64=[?].
  4. Now type the problem on Google Search, eg. see below figure.
    same way you can calculate many more mathematical equation, using google calculator.
Doing the Multiplication using Google Calculator.
google calculating tips
Converting 1 Kilometer into Meter Using Google Calculator.
google calculating tips
Converting 1 MB Data Storage Size into KB
google calculating tips
Google provides us awesome google calculator to calculate the mathematical equations. By using google google calculator you can calculate any mathematical equation and you can convert the any units into another form, like as you can see the above figures, where i converted 1 kilometer length into meter, and data storage 1 mb into kb, same way you can convert the unit using google calculator. To get more information about google calculator click here.

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