Monday, February 3, 2014

Subscription Box For Blogger.

The subscription box is very important for blogs, it help the visitor to get the latest post to their inbox or mailbox, it is the best way to get access or information about the blog, what they are posting and get information about the latest post of your few. blog. The subscription box help blogger to get more visitor and it grow readers or listener of blogs. It will grow the more number of subscriber of your blogger and blogger post. I would like to say that subscribing is beneficial for blog visitor & and placing subscription box on the blog is beneficial for the blogger to grow readers and listeners. 

Email Subscription Box Widget

How to Put Subscription Box on Your Blog.

  1. Sign in your Feed Burner Account
  2. Now you have to click on Publicize.
  3. Now go for Email Subscriptions.
  4. At the right side, it will show you the code, below the code it will show you,
    Use as a widget in- Choose Blogger. 
  5. Now click on Go button. 
  6. Now Click on Add Widget. You are done. 
Second Method. 
You can direct copy the code and place it on your blog. 
  1. Now copy the code. 
  2. Sign in your blog. 
  3. Go to Layout. 
  4. Click on Add Gadget. 
  5. Go for HTML/JavaScript.
  6. Paste the Copied Code and Save it. You are done. 
  7. Place your widget where you want to place, choose the right place and save it. Now click on view blog.. it will show you the default subscription box on your blog.  Happy blogging.

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