Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What is Google Sites. 

Google sites is the one of the most popular way of sharing the information to the users and more others, from Google sites you can make any information accessible to the users. Creating of Google sites you can get the easiest way of editing, attaching files and more other features at Google sites which is provided by Google. It is simply known as the web-page creating tools. Which is the part of the Google and it will provides the user to storage capacity to store the some important files and share with your partners, organization & what with you are related. It will provides 100MB for free account users and 10GB for Google application users.

How to Create Google Sites.

  • Go to the link
  • Now it will show you the page, there you can see the Create button
  • After that it will show you to option for choosing the template. Choose Template.

  • Now type the Site Name: 
  • From there you can choose more themes of your site. 
  • Inside the select theme you can get many designs of themes & Inside the More options there you can get description options for your Google sites.
  • Now type the shown code and click on Create Button. After clicking on Create button it takes few seconds to create and after that you will get your Site. 
  • Now you are done. 

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