Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Attach Download able file to your Blog. 

There are many type's of ways to attach download able file to your blog, One of the most useful way of attaching downloadable file is uploading at Googlesites and sharing the link. It is the most useful and popular also way of sharing. Google Sites is offered by google for page creation, mainly it is a page creation tool, where you can share the files and more others, it provides us 100 MB size for storage for Free account and 10 GB for Google application users.

How to Upload File at Google Sites and Share it.

  1. Now Go for Sites Google.
  2. If you are new user than you have to create page and it will give you the space for store after creating the google page. 
  3. After creating the page there you will get your page. 
  4. Click on your page, It will show you the google site.
  5. Now go for More button. 
  6. It will show you many kinds of options there, you have to choose Manage Site. 
  7. There you have to find Attachments option. 
  8. Now you will get Upload button. 
  9. Click on that and Upload what you want to Upload. 
  10. After Uploading the file it will show you Download button. 
  11. Right click on Download button. 
  12. Copy the Link Address. 
  13. Paste it into your blog, You are done. [Make it as a link]

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