Friday, January 10, 2014

I think we all knows about contact form, how it is important for blogs.  In my opinion contact form is very important for blogs to connect with the visitors to get their opinions, feedbacks, problems and etc. It will make easy to visitors to connect with the admin of the blogs and to get the solutions of the problems.The contact form looks like below figures. It contents Name, Email and Message of the Visitors. 

How to Add Official Contact Form to Blogs:

  1. Sing in your blog. 
  2. Go for Layout. 
  3. Click on Add Gadget.
  4. Now you have to go for More Gadgets.
  5. There you can see the widget Contact Form, Click on that and Save It.  
  6. Now You are Done. View the Blog. 

What is the Right Place for Contact Form.

The right place for Contact Form is at the last of the blog, means right side of footer, If we place Contact Form at right side of footer it looks like good and well managed. As you can see below figure.

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