Thursday, December 26, 2013

What is Mouse Pointer?

Mouse pointer is the one of the mouse important component of GUI based computer, mouse pointer is know as the graphical image or courser which makes us easy to use(control) the computer by clicking on the files and any kinds of icons. The mouse pointer is displayed in monitor or screen. The mouse pointer is displayed or commonly appears as an angled arrow in GUI based computers- Graphical User Interface. Today i am talking about how to change your mouse pointer as you like. 

How to change Mouse Pointer as Nepali Flag

  1. At first you have to download the Nepali Flag mouse pointer file from above option. 
  2. After Downloading that file go to control panel. 
    • Windows Button+R=Run.
    • Type control hit enter or ok. 
  3. Go for Mouse Option. 
  4. Now go for Pointers-(2nd tab).
  5. Click on Browse button. 
  6. Open the location where you save that downloaded Nepali flag courser file,choose that file and click on open button.
  7. There you can see your courser file image. 
  8. Now click on Apply and Ok. 
  9. You are done.

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