Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why Google URL Shortener

This is the tips to short large url into small, Google provides us to GOOGLE URL SHORTENER, by using Google URL Shortener we can short any kind of larg url into small. This is very important for blogger and any others, eg. if you want to share some links on somewhere, if url is large than it looks like unsuitable. If you use Google URL Shortener than it looks like short and very good,suitable. Like eg below here is the url it is too long by using Google URL Shortener we can short this.


After shorting this url it looks like this. It looks good after shorting the URL.

How to Short URL. 

  1. Go to Google URL Shortener
  2. Copy your link which you want to short.
  3. Paste it into Google URL Shortener Box. 
  4. Click on Shorten URL.
  5. It will you the Shorted link Right side of the page. 
  6. Copy the link and paste it where you want and You are done. 

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