Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear readers today I am going to talk about Feedburner. Feedburner is the kind of add-on service for bloggers and web publishers, the Feedburner tracks the people who subscribe to your blog by using Really Simple Syndication(RSS).

Feedburner takes always feed on your blogs and what you created on your blog as a post and content. RSS is that kind of technology who grabs your contents in the single page.

If people's subscribe you from Really Simple Syndication(RSS) then they can easily read the contents of your blog, if they are using blogs, emails and such other facilities.

The Really Simple Syndication is like as the google reader.

What is Feed Count button?

Feed Count is the next way to promote your feeds and it will show you the how many readers reach through RSS(Really Simple Syndication) and how many of them are reading your blog.

The readers are calculated by FeedBurner.

How to Add FeedCount Buttons to Blogs.

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How to Add Official FeedCount Button to Blogs.

  1. Open you FeedBurner Account.
  2. Now Go for Publicized.
  3. Now Go for Feed Count.
  4. It will show you the information rights side of the window. like below figure.
  5.  If you are blogger user than choose blog from the list and click on go button. Like it is shown in above figure.
  6. After clicking on Go button, it will show you the windows to add the FeedCount Button window to add to your blog.
  7. Now Click on Add Widget button and Save It.
  8. Now click on Save Button. You are done now, check your blog. It will show you the widget button.
    [Note: It will enable you to add animated button and change the color of widget and many more function you can change as your requirement.]

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