Sunday, November 17, 2013

Create Quiz Game on PowerPoint

Friends today I am going to teach you how to create quiz game on power- point. You all know about power point, Powerpoint is one of the interactive  application. We can use powerpoint for presentations and such others things, In power-point, we can make interactive slides. By showing presentations you can motivate students to learn, the audience to watch the presentation and such other things also.

How to Open Power-Point:

  1. Go running
  2. Type "powerpoint" without quotes.
  3. Hit enter or ok

 To Create Game on Power-Point Follow my Steps:

  • First, go to file menu and click on a new option. After that you can see the blank presentation, now you are getting the blank slide on your screen. 

  • You can choose slide design from design menu.
  • Give the slide title,
  • Go for next slide, by pressing ctrl+m=new slide
  • Here we have to create menu board on the second slide. on the menu board, you have to include start game, end game, Follow the instruction only. See the picture. 

To create menu board follow these instructions

  • Go to insert menu, click on shapes, now go for action button. 

  • Now you have to select blank action button from action button. after clicking that action you can see there one dialogue box, click on cancel, and give the name of the action button. 
  • To give the name of action button right click, and click on edit text.
[Note: you have to make like this.]
  • Now create new slide again, by pressing ctrl+m=new slide. There you have to type questions and options, like: 
[Note: For Options you have to use action button.] 
Who is the father of computer? 

  1. John
  2. Charles Babbage
  3. Von
  4. William

See below figure. 

Here you have to make 2 new slides for True option and for False option, If player hit on true option then you have to show Congratulation message and, if Player hit on false option, you have to show Sorry!!! Try again. 
if a player hit on the true answer then there you have to put- next question option
If a player hit false answer then there you have to put- End game option. See this figure:
For more question you don't have to put sorry!! try again. you have to put the only congratulation. like this
Now this is important: You have to know how to use hyper link in this game:  
First, you have to list menu board; go to menu board slide: 
now right click on Start Game button, 

click on Hyper link option, after clicking on that option, there you can see below option 
Now you have to go for this; 
Choose the fist question slide
Same way for End Game also: for end game you have to choose end show option from hyper links
Same way go for question, you have to use hyper link on question options, For True option you have to choose congratulation for slide option and for false options you have to choose sorry!!! try again slide from slide option. 

See this video how to use hyper link for true option and false option: 

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