Saturday, October 26, 2013

turbo c
How to copy the output from turbo C or C++ Builder_X

If you are doing C programming or any programming that time you need to show the output, Simply for output you can take screen shot or you can copy the output, copying the output is faster than take screen shot and arrange that- It takes time. So here is the simple way to copy the output from your dos box or dos consoles and etc others.

Simply you can copy your output. To know this process follow these steps.

  • First write code on turbo C editor.
  • Debug that and Run the programming. 
  • If your program is right than you can able to see the DOS CONSOLE-
  • There it will show you the output of program. 

Follow the instruction what program says... 

Step4. Than it gives output on you DOS CONSOLE BOX. 
Step5. Right click on DOS CONSOLE BOX. 

Step6. Click on Select All 
{ Now it will select all the output}

Step7. Press Enter button. 
[ Enter button for Copy the output ] 

Step8. Go to the destination where you want to paste the output. 
Step9. Now press the ctrl+v= for paste the copied output. 

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