Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Twitter News: The news has come out that now you will able to tweet your tweets up to 140 characters without counting up the photos you upload and the links you share.

Twitter is a popular social website that helps you being updated every day, every hour, every minute, and every second.Twitter has the major feature having the ability to tweet your views, photos and share your favourite links. However, you can share your views up to 140 characters only.

Twitter to Stop Counting Links and Photos in 140 Character Limit

This makes sense that the CEO of the social giant Jack Dorsey is planning for some changes in the company as per rumours say. According to rumours, the plan will be initiated within a couple of weeks. By the way, the rumours are rumours. Nothing is confirmed, however. Right now Twitter's character count works for links by taking 23 characters.

Few months back, the news came out regarding Twitter updating about the character count changing from character limit 140 to 10000 which was huge. Later the company made it clear saying it as just a rumour. According to Jack Dorsey the news that came about the company was all fake.

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