Friday, April 15, 2016

Encrytion is a major issue nowadays
The encryption battle that we hear nowadays between Apple and FBI is not ready to layoff. Rather the clash between those two parties is set to move from courtroom to Congress next week.

The representatives of Tech Titan and federal law enforcement are expected to announce on Tuesday in front of House Energy and Commerce Committee about the debate regarding how the encryption in tech products and services affect the law enforcement activities.

The misunderstanding between Apple and FBI started back in February on whether the tech company would help the FBI investigators hack into the encrypted iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. The case concluded when FBI managed to unlock the iPhone without the help of the company. However the dispute between the two parties is still unsettled.

The tech companies and the right groups argues that the encryption is needed so that the encrypted data is only read by the right person and is vital for the privacy and safety of people. However the law enforcement stick it to that it cannot fight the crime until it has direct access to information on handheld devices.

Earlier this month, the social networking site Facebook announced that all the communications sent on its popular messaging application WhatsApp is encrypted as an update. This has made the things for FBI even more sophisticated regarding the ongoing issue.

Apple Vs FBI case

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