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Medium is Better than Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr Hello, I am not talking about any method or transmission way, It is a website that is named as Medium.
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Mediums is a Blog- Publishing platform which is founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in August 2012.

This platform has evolved into a hybrid of non-professional contributions and professional paid contributions. It is exactly termed as social journalism. There are lots of online publications available on medium.

  1. Music Magazine
  2. Cuepoint
And many more there are lots of online publications. Where you can share your own stories and writing skills. That will also help you to make yourself a better and good writer. You can even contribute through paid participation.
Evan Williams created Medium from the ground up, with the idea of encouraging users to create longer posts than the 140-character standard of Twitter.
This has amazing CMS style, that I loved here you can see the picture of the story writing platform Medium.

Medium is Better than Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr

Medium is a platform for writing, publishing, and sharing content to a community of like-minded individuals.

How Medium Works? 

It doesn't have any complex kind of working mechanism. Anyone can create the account by signing up and publish his or her story to the world.

There are different ways to create an account on Medium, you can use your Facebook, Twitter and Google account for creating an account for Medium.

There are lots of features on Medium while creating an account you will find different storyboards that you can follow for feature use and getting the feeds. You can follow them and keep track of their every information.

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Creating a Post

It's very simple to create a post on Medium, It give you simple way to create your new post, save it or publish. 

There are lots of other features that you can use on Medium. You can schedule your Medium post, save it on draft. You can even edit after publishing the post. 

You can change the visibility of your post, You can categorize your post and article. It is quite amazing for the writers. 

Medium is Better than Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr

WordPress and Medium

There are lots of distraction you will face while using WordPress. I am not saying WordPress not good for blogging, yes it is actually a WordPress is the granddaddy of the blogging platform. 

There are lots of features and options that really distract you every time. Here on the medium, you don't feel that kind of distraction and other different kinds of stuff. It has great and simple CMS and simple way to publish an article. 


Blogger, Tumblr and Medium

As we know Blogger and WordPress are the great giants in the blogging world but Medium is also great doing in this field. 

The above article will definitely help you to choose the platform which is better. That article is posted by Medium itself. 

As we know Blogger,  WordPress and Tumblr has lots of customization flexibility. For those, you have to learn many things like coding skills, development skills, and designing skills. If you have these then that will be better to go with other platform but if you don't have any of those you can directly go with Medium. It will help you allot in doing blogging and many more sharing things. 

Experiences about Medium

It is very simple and easy to use and operate each and every segment of Medium.  As I have already told you this is an amazing and simple platform to do blogging.

  • Easy to use and operate
  • This will help you to create your own portfolio. 
  • Managing content is very simple

Honorable Mentions and References 

Note all the above-mentioned articles and  links comes under the honorable mention section. I feel those articles can help readers to gain more knowledge about Medium.  

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