Thursday, February 18, 2016

We all wish we had more time in a day - and even though there seems to be plenty of time, there are still many days in which we simply can't seem to get it together.

Maybe you already use a daily schedule and maybe you're simply trying to finish as much as you can whatever the case may be, chances are you need time management techniques to become more productive in order to reach your goals.

`Top Time Management Techniques To Become More Productive

Useful Time Management Techniques

- Create a daily plan. Make your planning in the morning or even the night before. This plan gives you an overview of how you day will look like. Try to stick to the plan as close as possible.

- Stick to a particular time limit for each task and only work on one task at a time.

- Using a calendar is fundamental method to manage your daily activities. It’s better if you sync it to your cell phone and other devices you use constantly. That's how you can access your schedule where-ever you are.

- How much time do you need to finish your tasks? Put clear deadlines in your calendar so you know exactly when you need to finish them.

- Focus on the most productive time of the day. Some people do better in the morning, and some are more focused at night.

- Don’t take on much more than you can handle.

- Try to take a break and clear your mind to refresh yourself so you can refocus. It’s also good for your body.

- Try to say no politely to any one who asks you to do something that may change your plan, and don’t feel guilty for this. By valuing your own time, other people will do the same.

- Use time management techniques for the valuable things that are worth it.

- When your day gets really busy and your time is tight, ignore email completely.

- Finish your working day at specific time. Don’t let work fill your entire day.
- Cross things off your list the moment they are completed. You'll feel more relaxed by finishing tasks and get a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

- Get the proper amount of sleep every night, that will help you to keep energetic and able to think clearly, and function at a high level.

Common mistakes when trying new time management techniques
- You may be taking on too much, which may cause too much stress and decrease your effectiveness.

- Over-complicating your time management schedule

- Not writing down everything and only rely on your memory.

- Not taking breaks will take your efficiency down.

- Not planning enough, and also planning too much.

- Underestimating the effort some projects might take.

- Not prioritizing your tasks.

Stick to these time management techniques and be sure not to make any of the mistakes mentioned above and you'll see your productivity go through the roof!

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