Friday, February 5, 2016


If you need to search anything in Kathmandu city, then don't forget to use This is the website which helps to search and locate the business parties or different needs of users. 
It is the new way to search things in Kathmandu, Nepal
If you are looking for the hotel you can search on Sodhpuch, if you are looking for shops you can search on 

It is the just awesome site, which also helps to business holders or new business to grow their customers by registering on Sodhpuch and helping users to find the best result.  
For Inquiry you can contact, 16600 197 197, this can help you to solve your problems of searching anything in Nepal. 

Sodhpuch.Com - Diversified Local Search in Nepal 

According to Sodhpuch

Sodhpuch is a word from the Himalayas meaning inquiry. As the name suggests Sodhpuch is a Business Inquiry service that aims to cater business information to users about businesses within Nepal.

Operating through various platforms like Web and Phone, we aim to increase the modes of searching business information adding print media and mobile applications very soon. 

Be it a large corporate house or small and medium scale industries, departmental store or tea shop, taxi service or travel agency, pharmacy or hospital and even freelancers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc[1]

Features of 

  • The MOST COMPETITIVE national search engine.
  • The only diversified local search engine in Nepal.
  • Focuses on customer base and nationwide coverage.
  • Highly scalable platform.
  • The main goal being exemplary customer satisfaction.
  • Modern infrastructure and constantly updated technology.
  • Vastly Experienced management team.
How can user search information? 
Any user can collect information through website. Through SMS (Short message service). By calling at toll-free number.  

Business user can keep their company information. User also can keep their personal information. They can keep business offer reviews or business reviews. 

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