Tuesday, February 2, 2016

If you are using WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) service on your computer then, it is sure that sometimes you may face problems with your WiFi.

To handle those problems you have to troubleshoot them in various ways.

  • By using default troubleshooting system. 
  • By re-installing WiFi adapter. 
  • By Restarting your computer. 
  • By re-enabling your WiFi adapter. 
  • By restarting your router. 
These above points are methods that you can use for troubleshooting your WiFi problems. The most common problem these days Windows users are getting (Undefined Network).
To handle this undefined network problem you can do above things to make it work.  
In the previous article, I have written to handling and troubleshooting of problems in windows.
Check it out : Troubleshoot your general problmes in Windows.
Here, I am going to show you some simple steps to troubleshoot your WiFi.
Step1: You just have to right click on your WiFi adapter (that exist on your right side of the taskbar on hidden icons).

How to Troubleshoot Your WiFi Problems

Step2: Now click on Troubleshoot problems, you will get Window on your screen and It will help you to detect problems. If you are really facing any adapter problems.   

How to Troubleshoot Your WiFi Problems 

If your problem is not solved yet, then you can just go to your network sharing locations and just right click and click on diagnose. Which will also help you to detect your problems. 
If still you are not finding any solutions, then you just re-install your WiFi driver software that will definately help you to solve your problem.

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