Saturday, February 27, 2016

YouTube is a video sharing social site, where anyone can create an account and upload their own videos.

The YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing site which is the product of Google and that has lots of people from the world.

YouTube is freely available for the Gmail users or Google product users. First of all, you have to create Gmail account and then only you can create a new channel in youtube.

Create Youtube New Channel in 2016

You wonder creating a new channel in YouTube is not complex, It is very simple and you just can create your YouTube channel in few steps.

  • Sign in your YouTube account. 
  • Now after completing the sign in process you have to go for YuTube setting.
  • Then after you will get option to create the new channel. 
  • After clicking on Create New Channel you will get the option to create a new channel, but let me remind you that If you already have the Google then you can create a channel for the pages. While using YuTube dashboard you will get the option to type the name of the channel and final. 
Create Youtube New Channel in 2016

  • Furthermore whatever you want to do with your YouTube channel. 
That's it for creating new YouTube

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