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Malicious Apps removed from Google Play

Google Play
Google Play
Recently many apps are being released in the Google Play Store that have made the nasty appearances. Google has removed many of those poisonous apps from its store that showed in the store as games category.They were able to execute unauthorized commands and code which were almost difficult to wipe out.

These games constituted malware that included in the couple of apps, both named Brain Test. Google got rid of those apps in the September 2015. Almost more than 1 million Android users were affected by the malware. Those vicious apps were downloaded for more than 500,000 times. The end goal of the app was to download other applications without known to the user, copying its computer counterpart.

Some of the applications known that contained malware are: Jump Planet,, Crazy Jelly, Cake Tower, etc. Cake Tower had the scads of downloads along with the higher ratings. The Cake Tower received an update in December 2015 which activated the sleeping malware. 

Recently Google removed 13 malicious apps from the Google Play Store. So please stay alert of these bad apps before downloading.


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