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In this article, you will gonna learn about troubleshooting the problems on Windows. This is most essential part because be a user you must have to know how to troubleshoot some simple kinds of problems. This article will cover some basic steps to fix your computer problems. 

To get rid of simple problems you don't need to install any kind of software or even you don't need to format your computer. 

I have seen that most people do computer format due to such simple problems. They don't even try to diagnose What is the problem? 

In your windows, you are getting a troubleshotting section for handling simple errors or some advance errors. 

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your General Problems on Windows

Steps to follow, 
  • First of all, you need to go to your control panel. Win+R = Run>>Type "Control">>>Enter>>>Search for Troubleshooting.
  • After hitting on troubleshooting, you will get Window on your screen. 
There you will find various kinds of computer problems detected. If you are not getting any problems on your computer screen, you can go through detecting problem by clicking on given options. 
Troubleshoot and Fix Your General Problems on Windows

You can see different sections are available on troubleshooting section, like Programs, Hardware, and sound, Network and Internet etc... 

You can choose any of them to detect your problem. 
i.e If you have problems on your Network and Internet section, due to some problems if your internet is not working then you can go through troubleshotting. It will help you to detect and fix the problem. 
Let me talk about how to make your previous versions of Windows program runnable to current Windows. 

Inside the troubleshooting option, you are getting Programs,  you just need to hit on that and choose your software and make it compatible with your currently running Windows.

  • Click on Programs which is inside the troubleshooting. Troubleshoot 
  • Now you can go for program compatibility, It will detect problems on your programs. 
Troubleshoot and Fix Your General Problems on Windows
  • Finally, you will get the list of programs which you want to make compatible with your system. If you are looking to make not install program then, you have to choose Not Listed
Troubleshoot and Fix Your General Problems on Windows
  • Now browse your software or program, that you are looking for making compatible. 
Troubleshoot and Fix Your General Problems on Windows
  • After choosing the program, you need to hit for next and it will make you available for your computer. 
  • You will get options on your screen, Troubleshoot problem. Choose any of them and go for further process. That will help you to detect problem and resolve that. 
  • Now you can choose for Windows you are looking to solve the problem. 
Troubleshoot and Fix Your General Problems on Windows
  • Choose and go for next same way you are getting on screen choose the best and suitable for your computer and just Finish this up. You will get your compatible program in runnable mode. 

What can you do more? 

  • You can troubleshoot your Internet connections. 
  • It's possible to fix problems on Printers. 
  • Program compatibility and Media compatibility. 
  • Hardware and Software compatibility and troubleshooting. 
  • Appearance and System security check. 
This article is written for triggering your basic knowledge so that practically you can do all of them. 
Just log in your computer and start doing experiment with those items. It will never cause any problem. 

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