Monday, January 4, 2016

After long I am back with such an simple and awesome tips for blogger those who use to blog about programming stuffs and those who shares programming and coding stuffs on their websites and their blogs.

This is most important part of coding blogging or programming websites. You need to make your content attractive to get more visitors to your website. 
If you are running website that is related to programming and web designing. Where you used to share programming codes without making them attractive and without adjusting them better than that will be not effective for you and your visitors. 
If you share your codes without highlighting that may cause difficult to understand. So you need to highlight your codes.

To highlight your codes sometime you may have to do bit of handwork if you are planning to highlight them by yourself.

In this article I will share such an simple tips which will help you easily to highlight your codes.

Steps to follow, 

  • Go to website called, after clicking on website you will get it's homepage. 
  • Then after you will see information of your home page, choose according to your need, and fill the information that you want to highlight. 
  • You can show line numbers by clicking on check box. 
  • You can even change the style of your codes. 
  • If you wish to use your own CSS, you can also write at the section of CSS. 
Put the code that you want to highlight and choose the language, now if you want to show line number click on check box and choose style of your code and click on Highlight button that's it. 

Than finally you will see HTML code at right box copy that and paste where you want to show your highlighted code. 

How to Highlight Programming Codes and Make Them Beautiful

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