Sunday, January 10, 2016

Action is the place where you can see the windows necessary and unnecessary notifications. It is the only place you can see about update notification and other inserted and rejected hardware's details and many more.

Why you need to know about action center setting? 
Being a windows user, you need to know about your action center because, to control all the notifications and all the information flows on computer.

In windows changing of action center setting can help you to turn of messages on or off. You need to select which you want to turn of and then just hit for ok that's it. Nothing more.

Let start how to turn of action center notification or messages. 

Start>>Run>>Control>>Search for Action Center

change action center setting

  • Now finally click on Change action center settings. 
  • You will get turn messages on or off window on your screen, now select what you want to enable and what you want to disable. 
  • Finally hit on "Ok" button. 
action center turn on and off message
You can even use related settings of action, which can help to improve customer experiences, problem reporting and windows updating setting. 

Customer Experience
Customer experience improvement program setting can help to user to find improvement on their PC's working environment

improve your pc through microsoft

That is the program where Microsoft improve windows, Without interrupting you, it collects information about your computer hardware and how you use Windows. The program also periodically downloads a file to collect information about problems you might have with Windows. 
Problem reporting
You you use problem reporting system for automatically. Which will automatically find the solution for you. That will automatically help you to get updates and solutions. 

Problem solving through action center 
Windows Update Setting
Here is the another method to control Windows update setting through action. You can even choose what you want to do with your windows updates. If you are downloading or not that depends on you, but i would like to recommend you to download windows updates every time that will help your PC to work faster. 

Windows update settings

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