Monday, November 2, 2015

In our previous we learnt about how to translate words, phrases and sentences in different languages through Cortana. That was the brilliant and awesome feature of Cortana few weeks ago Microsoft translator team revealed.

Here is another feature that i am going to talk about is you can find your current location through Cortana.

This feature of Cortana is very helpful for travelers. Those who love to travel and if they don't have map with them than they can use this feature of Cortana for their personal purpose.
Isn't it awesome feature of Cortana. I personally loved this feature of Cortana. Thanks to Microsoft mapping team. 
To find the your current location through Cortana it's very simple, you just have to ask what is my current location? than Cortana will respond you and it will show you the map and street location on your laptop or even if your using mobile too...

Try with your Cortana... on your Windows 10...

Here you can see the screenshot... of my current location....  

What is my current location through cortana

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