Monday, November 9, 2015

This is another good feature of Cortana. Before this we have learnt different tips about Cortana for Windows 10.

  1. Find the current location using Cortana on Windows 10.
  2. Translate words, phrases and sentence using Cortana on Windows 10.
  3. Change the setting of Cortana on Windows 10.
  4. Configure  Cortana on Windows 10.
These above tips can help you to know more about Cortana. Where Cortana is the one of the best feature of Windows 10. If you know previously Cortana is only available in Windows Phone. They did good by making available Cortana on Windows 10.

To find the Capital of Countries using Cortana, first you have to turn on your location on computer. 
Than after you don't have to do hard work... 
Ask to cortana :: Where is the capital of "country name". - That's it... 
So lets take a look at the examples...

How to Find Capital of Countries using Cortana on Windows 10

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