Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you are new with cortana than you must check these links before going through this post...

  1. Display and Hide Cortana.
  2. Configure Cortana.
  3. What is Cortana?
If you are looking for changing the cortana setting than this post will help with that... 

Steps to follow... 
Here you just have to search for Cortana & Search Setting. Cortana & Search Setting will help you to change the setting of the Cortana. 

From Cortana setting you can again make Cortana to re-learn your voice. 

Change Cortana Search Setting

After than you can change the setting of Cortana as per your need. But for better use you must have to enable these things...

  1. Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts and more.
  2. Enable "Hey Cortana" It will help you to launch cortana by saying "Hey cortana". You don't have to click every-time on Cortana app. 
  3. You can teach your voice to Cortana that will help cortana to recognize your voice. That will also help choose whom to respond... To anyone or To you only. 
  4. You can also track flights and etc.. 
  5. Always enable that cortana popups from taskbar only. 
Change Cortana Search Setting

Change Cortana Search Setting

For other setting you can go for Bing Safe Search on Cortana setting. 

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