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The first season of BCTalk was started with Indian most talented, inspirational and influential blogger Mr. Rohan Chaubey, After Rohan i got opportunity to talk with most talented and inspirational bloggers of the world.

Vashishtha KapoorToday i am glad to announce that after long gap i Satya P. Joshi came with season two (SE02) of BCTalk.

For BCTalk second season our first guest is Mr. Vashistha Kapoor from India. One of the talented blogger from India.

Celebs Bio
Name: Vashishtha Kapoor
Address: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Country: India
Blogging Experience: 8 Month
Blogger at,
Quote: I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

About Blogger

1. Introduce yourself and your blogging career. 

HI! I am Vashishtha Kapoor, Blogger from Kanpur, India. I love to write, sing, dance and travel. I am like a flying bird who does not stay at one place for more time.

I like to be away. :)

I have been blogging for over 8 months now and had a great things in the field of blogging. My career was started with a Job as a Search Engine Optimization executive in a software development company in my city but as I told you, I like to fly. So, I was intriduced with blogging and it interested me a lot that I sticked with it.

In start it did not fetch any outcome but the outlays were relatively high and for now, It is going great.

2. How do you mange time to run your blog efficiently?

Actually, I manage my blog at home from my tablet and its fun using android apps to manage everything about my blog. I am inspired by your ansmachine also because you publish very interesting and trakting news here.

3. What is blogging and internet marketing according to you?

Internet Marketing is very profitable as the examples are before me in present. And Blogging is to tell people about your thoughts, views and talent. Via Blogging you create your own publishing channel and convey your message to your readers.

4. How would you like to change yourself with technology?

I would be doing vlogging in coming time as blogging gifted me a new ACER ASPIRE E15 which is smart enough to handle heavy tasks. VIdeos are the content of the future and I would like to see you doing video blogging also.

5. What is your motive to entering in blogging field?

Via blogging I try to let people know what i am doing and whatever I find after my small conclusions from researches in SEO, Affilate Marketing and such things. I do experiments with my blog every week and do not anything from my readers.

6. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

The most challenging moment in this short blogging career was the time when 1 month was passed and I was getting it hard to maintain my blog to generate any outcome out of my efforts.

I felt very exhausted that the disappointment was hissing me like snakes and asking me to quit this blogging. AT that time, I was not in the circle of great personalities and the biggest fault I did then was avoiding reading other blogs.

More about Blogging and Goals

7. Tell us about your site mission, site goal and slogan?

My site mission is to be useful and interesting for my readers. I always try to bring something interesting and useful to my readers.

8. What niche you prefer for blogging? Single or Multi and why?

In start, I was doing tutorials, coding and development language blogging but later on I switched to something interesting. this time i did product reviews, inspirational lists and a multi-niche blog. The main reason behind this change was that : When People needs has no limits, why should I have a limited area to cover with my writing.

9. How every blogger should manage quality of content? Is that true content is king in blogging?

Exactly the content is king and whatever you do on your blog must be qualitative but this does not mean that you have to write words from a dictionary. I see some well known bloggers use those ordinary vocabulary on their blog but the style of their writing is unique, conversational and easy. Thats why their blog is popular.

10. According to you what is the role of social media’s in blogging and internet marketing?

Social media has a key importance in blogging. Some blogs are there just because of social media and there is nothing to do with SEO for them. Every person does not have a blog but a Facebook profile for sure. And via social media, you create your own image in between your readers.

11. How much you earn from blogging, is that sufficient? How would you like to inspire students for blogging?

From Blogging, I earn more than my monthly salary in a web development company where I am already the highest paid employee. And it is only blogging which has made me self depended in a very short age.

As I do, learn and share your experience with your friends in that study, the sane can be done by a student. It becomes more interesting when you can earn some money out of it. And the most tempting part is , "Blogging needs no investment"

Everyone can start a free blog with Blogger and get an online identity.

12. What are the best ways to make money from online?

To make money online, a combination of Google adsense and Affiliate marketing is perfect but after some extents, it becomes non profitable when you use excessive affiliate links because it shows clear intention to earn money.

I would be asking a blogger to first deliver something useful and then recommend anything via affiliate links and earn money on it.

If this process is not followed, affiliate sales are hard to get.

Message for Your Fans and Readers

It is the support of my friends and readers that I am doing good in blogging. And Without their support it was impossible. They share my posts and sometimes message me with appreciations which are big motivations for me.

To name some, Ramsai Goahn, Prabhat Chowdhary, Amit Bhandari, and Philip Ariel  are there and You of course.

I love you all.

And at the end I would like to thank you Satya for Interviewing me. I wish you all the best in your blogging career and all the success on each step. i am happy to be in your BCtalk series. thanks.

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