Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yeah it is the new feature that Facebook recently launched. It is one of the best feature introduced feature in Facebook.

But for those who are using slow internet this make their internet more slower or may take longer time to load Facebook.

So it's better to stop auto playing in Facebook. To stop auto-playing on your computer you have to follow few steps.

First of all you have to log in your Facebook account. Then after you have to go for setting inside settings tab you have to search for video tab.

For easy you can click on below link

Video Setting on Facebook,

Stop Auto playing Videos

Then after you will get videos setting of Facebook. There are two options available in video setting one for video default quality and second for auto-playing system setting.

Just click on Default button of auto-playing system setting and now you can see their On and Off options, their you have to click on Off button and that's it....

Stop Auto playing Videos in Facebook

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