Friday, October 9, 2015

This is most important while working continuously on any project. If you set screen off time and sleep time early that can cause problem while working. That may take your time to log in again and put that machine on work.

Yeah we all know that good to set early screen off time and sleep time on computer or PC for it's own safety.

But some time you may feel frustrated with that sleep and screen dim or screen of problem. So here are the steps to extends the power of screen off time and sleep time on Windows 10.

I am writing this post because Windows 10 has little bit different settings so...

It's very simple to extend the time, You just have to follow these below steps,

Start Menu >> Setting >> Now choose System.

Extends Screen Off Time and Sleep Time

Now just select the Power and Sleep option for further process.

Extends Screen Off Time and Sleep Time

Than after you just check below image to understand more... about setting the power sleep and screen display...
Extends Screen Off Time and Sleep Time
In the above image you can see the Screen and Sleep section where you can change the setting for both..

  1. For battery power turn off after 3 minutes you can extends that by clicking on that toggle button as per your need. 
  2. When your computer is plugged in you can set turn off after certain time by click on toggle button...
  3. It's for sleep on battery power you can reduce your sleep time as per your need and you can also increase as per your need.
  4. It's also for sleep for plugged in PC that time you can also choose the sleep time. Choose which is suitable for your work and set it down.. 
That's it... 

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