Saturday, October 10, 2015

Enable Hibernate Button
Windows 10 has really amazing features. If you see there in Windows 10 you can't get Hibernate button on power menu. To enable feature of hibernate you have to add it on power menu, so you have to follow certain steps to get hibernate option in power menu.

Hibernation is a feature of an operating system which allows the contents of RAM to be written to the hard disk, before powering off the computer. When the computer is started again, it reloads the content of memory and attempts to restore to the same state as it was before shutdown.

To enable hibernate options you have to follow below steps, 

First of you have to click on Start Menu>>Now Go for Setting >> It's time to go for System 

Extends Screen Off Time and Sleep Time

From there you have to scroll down and now find for Additional Power Setting. 

 Enable Hibernate Button in Start Menu

After that another window will appear on your screen on that windows you have to find Choose what closing the lid does.

 Enable Hibernate Button in Start Menu
Than after you just have to switch to another option, 

 Enable Hibernate Button in Start Menu
Now after clicking on Change settings that are currently unavailable, you can see hibernate option visible. Now just check on Hibernate button and save changes.

Enable Hibernate Button in Power Menu in Windows 10

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