Friday, October 30, 2015

As you all know Cortana is one of the amazing feature of Windows 10. Without cortana it's impossible to do lots of work on windows 10. If you stop your cortana on windows 10 you can't do search on windows 10.

Now set cortana on windows 10, before going through that you must have to check below link.

  1. How display and hide cortana on taskbar.
After that just take a look next to the start menu where you can see your search button or icon click on that. 

That is the icon of cortana. 

Before start cortana you must have to turn on your computer location system. For that you just have to click on notification option or action center. There you can see location option click on that. That's it. 
location on windows 10

Now finally you can click on taskbars search button. Where it will show you cortana screen. Type your nickname and hit on next button. After hitting on next you will get another screen on your computer. 

nickname of cortana

go for mic button

cortana is listening now

That's it... now you can ask to cortana, cortana will answer you and entertain also... This is really great feature of windows 10... 

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